Brand: Hydrofire
Model: Victoria 8
Type: Closed Combustion
Style: Freestanding
Fuel: Pellets
Output: 6kW – 8kW
Dimensions (W x D x H): 557 x 478 x 1045
Flue Size: 80mm
Colour: Metallic Grey with Ivory Panels
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Victoria 8 (Ivory)

Flue Diameter: 80mm

The Victoria 8 Pellet fireplace is made from steel, a stylish and reliable material that ensures wood burns efficiently. With an average of 6kW of power produced, it is ideal for small spaces of up to 80m². It is highly energy-efficient, providing 88% efficiency. The fireplace comes with a fan that helps regulate your air supply, ensuring you get an optimal, self-controlled heat and automatically controlled combustion air. The automatic ignition system allows you to start the fire with a simple click of a button and the internal temperature sensor ensures the room temperature is within your control at all times. You can also programme your heating schedule by using the digital touch-screen control panel. The Eco Mode setting is there to help you reduces your consumption mode. Aesthetically, the firebox and burn pot are made from thick cast iron, leaving the rest of the features minimalist and modern. Thanks to its elegance and functionality, choosing to stay warm throughout the winter has never been easier.


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